Free Healthcare Training Alert: Medication Reconciliation as a Patient Safety Practice During Transitions of Care Webinar Course

Today’s #freehealthcaretrainingalert is the “Medication Reconciliation as a Patient Safety Practice During Transitions of Care” course presented by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.   Improving patient safety continues to be a #1 priority for healthcare organizations.  Comprehensive safety measures include coordinating withfirst-aid-1732709_1280.jpg other facilities and healthcare agencies to provide support during the transitional care.  Coordinated patient safety strategies should be implemented during each stage of the patient care process (admission, transfer, and discharge).  Special attention has be focused on reducing the number of adverse drug events (ADEs) by working with healthcare organizations to implement medication reconciliation procedures using the MATCH Medication Reconciliation Toolkit along with in-house protocols and procedures.  Medication reconciliation helps to reduce ADEs by ensuring that patient medication lists are as accurate as possible.  The medication reconciliation list includes demographic information about the patient along with the:

  • name of the drug
  • dosage
  • frequency
  • route

The list is then compared to the doctor’s admission, transfer, and discharge orders as a means of ensuring its accuracy.

For more information about the MATCH toolkit:

Free Training Access Information:

  • Delivery Method:  Information about the pre-recorded webinar course is below.
  • Registration Link:
  • Accreditation and Credit Hours: All accreditation and credit hours are listed on each provider’s website (if offered).  You may inquire with the provider or search the website directly for any further questions.
  • Course Presenter: Janice L. Kwan, MD, MPH, FRCPC

Course Description:  The goal of the Webinar recording is to present information to a variety of health care professionals about available evidence regarding the effect of medication reconciliation on clinically significant discrepancies and hospital readmission, and to provide information about the MATCH toolkit.

Learning Objectives 

  • Define medication reconciliation as formal patient safety practice.
  • Identify four sources of medication information.
  • Describe what is known about potential harms associated with unintended medication changes at care transitions.
  • Describe the steps outlined in the MATCH toolkit for evaluating, designing, and implementing medication reconciliation processes.


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