Chex Token Review: CHX Aims at Making the Cannabis and Hemp Wholesale Market Easy

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CHEX might look like this cereal that you could normally snack during the holiday season. However, in this case, CHEX is simply referring to a new exchange of cannabis and hemp wholesale that is currently the subject of a symbolic sale. The CHEX token, which is represented by the CHX stock symbol, can be used to buy and sell on industry trading platforms that this system calls pillars.

The sale of the CHX token has already begun and will end on October 24th. CHX can be purchased with BTC and ETH. The CHX offer is limited to 1 billion in total.

CHEX already has early adopters

CHEX aims to eliminate the common problem of the attractiveness of companies that might not join a platform without customers or customers who might not join if they did not see legitimate sellers of cannabis and hemp on the platform. ]

There are already two sellers of cannabis and hemp: Californian wholesaler Pacific Wholesale Network and producer Colorado High Frequencies. CHEX expects to add more customer platforms as demand grows.

If there is surplus stock, CHEX will be able to "push" it to regional platforms that can meet local regulatory standards. CHEX also aims to combine the best parts of centralized and decentralized platforms for more efficient product distribution and greater ability to reach localized markets for the cannabis industry.

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How will the funds be used?

This is a natural question to arise in an environment where ICOs tanked because they were not backed by real assets. A large part of the CHEX platform has already been developed, CHX Token integration is already online and the platform of exchange and showcase is in beta since the second quarter of 2017. The funds will be used to finalize the development, create mobile applications, launch CHEX Master Suite 1.0 by the end of 2018.

The Master Suite will include a complete end-to-end platform for the purchase and sale of cannabis and hemp at wholesale prices. Its base will be the chip layer CHX, which will lubricate a complete exchange of goods.

Would there be reasons to hesitate to buy CHX?

Not if you are willing to bet on cannabis and hemp products that will become legal in your area in the near future if it's not already done. If this platform succeeds, the wholesale market for cannabis and hemp online will be more effective.

Of course, it is understandable that you hesitate to invest if you have already been burned by ICOs before. The Securities and Exchange Commission had to step in to provide a framework to prevent people from getting burned.

For this reason, CHEX has avoided selling CHX as a sales guarantee to lubricate the system and allow first time buyers to buy cannabis and hemp when CHEX launches its platform.

So, if I were a legal expert, I would probably get a legal warning that this is not meant to be an investment advice and, if anything, diversify your investment portfolio. Investment with potential industries is a good thing if caution is used. But the idea of ​​a wholesale exchange for marijuana and hemp looks cool.

I visited their website and …

Yes, some of their terminology has also puzzled me. Would they work with local stock exchanges, create new platforms for each market, or both? Part of what I got out of it was that they were intending to add new resources as existing resources became occupied by the users who boarded.

So it may be helpful to explain some of their terminology in a language that most people can understand even if they are not very familiar with wholesale cryptocurrency trading and blockchain technology. (I wish startups do not try to invent new terms for what they want to accomplish. A platform is a platform, and does not need to be used. 39, be called a pillar.)

This is a good idea that could attract both members of the cannabis and hemp industry and members of the cryptocurrency and blockchain community who might want to take a luck on a new platform. Cannabis and cryptocurrency could be natural partners if someone is willing to overlap both significantly.

In fact, Potcoin could reasonably be regarded as a first attempt on this subject because it considered itself a cryptocurrency that could be used as a means of exchange for the industry. marijuana. CHEX could be part of the solution if they are legitimate and they manage to finalize the development of the system and to integrate more partners ready to buy and sell using its platform.

Thank you for reading!

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