Collaborate for better care

– September 14, 2017 – 2 Comments

Collaboration is changing the face of health care, enabling agile strategies like telemedicine, remote surveillance, communication between health care teams, and specialist engagement. When clinicians and patients can collaborate seamlessly and securely, they can break through traditional barriers to care and innovation.

Cisco collaboration solutions promote a streamlined and scalable healthcare environment, enabling healthcare teams, researchers, and patients to work together safely – on any device, no matter what. anywhere, anywhere – from the patient to the doctor's home. the research laboratory.

Our open and agile portfolio includes integrated and easy-to-use solutions for messaging, meeting, call, communication between healthcare teams, whiteboard, etc., enabling healthcare organizations :

Personalize patient experiences and improve health outcomes
Increase access to care and fill gaps
Streamline communications and optimize workflows
Improve knowledge sharing and innovate faster

Cisco delivers collaboration across the cloud, on-premise or through a hybrid combination of both, with permanent solutions that ensure high-quality interactions between patients and healthcare teams, scalability across institutions and the branches, and end of the security, the network at the edge.

Find out how Cisco Collaboration can help your teams work better together and create a better future for healthcare. See the infographic below.



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