Extending Care Series: An Integrated Solution

– May 4, 2017 – 0 Comments

Welcome to the third and last blog of the Extending Care series. In previous publications, we shared the key determinants of adoption of telehealth as well as the world of opportunity with integrated video at the DSE . Now we are excited to launch our new remote care solution – Cisco Extended Care.

This solution relies on simple API frameworks and Dynamic Link features to integrate with your existing EHR system. It receives the scheduled appointment data from the EHR telehealth workflow or any other portal application, and then uses it to initiate the virtual video experience. See Cisco Extended Care in action in this demo:

A native virtual waiting room feature provides a more authentic and welcoming experience for remote engagements. The provider can broadcast specific images and messages to users while they wait for all participants to join the telehealth session or they activate the triage workflows throughout the meeting with the patient.

Combined with the ability to redirect video to supported Cisco devices, as well as third-party telehealth carts, providers can use the EHR client application that is running in a virtual desktop environment. This seamless experience enables a high quality video encounter via a dedicated video endpoint. Not only are the consultations more natural, but it also ensures that the deployment is scalable in a virtual office environment, resulting in higher adoption rates.

The value of Cisco Extended Care is clear:

Simple and economical deployment model by redirecting video to Cisco endpoints from EHR client thin client environments.
Improve the efficiency and productivity of clinicians by unifying EHR and telehealth video processes with a uniform and familiar interface and process.
Reduce gaps and improve quality of care through proactive leave tracking, intuitive access to the portal and reduced complexity of the continuum of care.
Leverage your investment and lower your support costs with Cisco security, unified communications and video investments
Flexible and scalable integrations with Extended Care that not only allow you to integrate the system with the EHR customer or web portal, but also with portals and customers from any number of third-party or developed vendors internally.

To learn more about Cisco Extended Care, contact your Cisco sales representative or visit cs.co/extendedcare .


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