Extending Care Series: Healthcare Without Boundaries

– May 2, 2017 – 1 review

Welcome to the second edition of the series on long-term care jokes, a discussion of telehealth opportunities.

When care is not limited by physical boundaries, a world of opportunities opens up. Healthcare providers are now turning to video communications to fill gaps in patient care and management. Patients and providers can save time and money by avoiding transportation costs and waiting times for appointments. High quality care is no longer only possible for those living near major medical or clinical centers. With telehealth, patients and providers reap all the benefits.

See the computer graphics below for more on the opportunities and challenges of telehealth and how Cisco Extended Care stands out from the crowd.

Stay tuned for the third and final episode of our Extending Care blog series, and visit cs.co/extendedcare for more information on our telehealth solution.



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