How to Keep Going When Hope Turns to Disappointment

How to continue when hope turns to disappointment

Throwing in the towel is like a relief when hope turns into disappointment.

Sometimes the voice in your head says, "It's not worth it."

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Meaningful accomplishment includes disappointment.

Hard-fought battles have a sweet taste but include frustrations, setbacks and disappointments.

People are disappointed. The good people are leaving. The bad people stay.
Disappointing results. You pay more than you get out of.
Circumstances disappoint. You were expecting the benefit but you felt discomfort.
You are disappointed. The failure is not intentional, but it happens. The most cruel deception is disappointment with oneself.

Winston Churchill said, "If you go through hell, keep going."

How to continue when hope turns to disappointment:


Successful leaders reflect on uncomfortable realities. The buried disappointments swell like boils until they can not be ignored.

Nothing improves by negligence.

You repeat what you do not know

7 questions for reflection:

Cries of annoying disappointment, "It does not work."

What do you do that does not serve you well / the others? Remember that obvious answers are not the answer.
What do you want to stop doing? Disappointment is the motivation to stop doing things that do not work. There comes a time when to stop something is like relief.
What do you expect others to stop doing?
What personal values ​​need a more complete expression? Darkness and lethargy move when you move away from personal values.
What unfulfilled expectations could you have for others? For yourself?
What is the accuracy of the accusing voice in your head? Uncertain?
Hold your disappointment in your mind. Now, ask yourself four questions.
What do you do that makes you proud?
What do you do that disappoints you?
What do you do who drains you?
What are you doing that stimulates you?

Tip: Record your disappointments on paper. Read them every day for a few days. What do you notice?

How could leaders continue when hope turns into disappointment?


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