Liver and Kidney Transplants Revive Ron Hale’s Zest for Life

<img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-35339" src="" alt=" A series of serious medical problems put Ron Hale in a downward spiral of deteriorating health. But a liver and kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic stopped Ron's decline and dramatically improved his quality of life. "Width =" 805 "height =" 453 "/>

A series of serious medical problems plunged Ron Hale into a downward spiral of deteriorating health. But a liver and kidney transplant at Mayo Clinic stopped Ron's decline and dramatically improved his quality of life.

Diagnosed with cirrhosis in March 2013, Ron Hale spent many years coping with declining health and frequent hospitalizations. In December 2016, Ron was in an intensive care unit in critical condition at Mayo Clinic campus in Florida waiting for a liver transplant and . The future seemed bleak.

"They had him on continuous dialysis he was wearing a respirator with a tracheostomy ", explains Ron's wife, Patricia. "I watched him go down very quickly."

But then, she adds, came "a Christmas miracle".

A liver and kidney became available to Ron, and successful transplants would completely change his point of view and let Ron feel good, allowing the couple to celebrate their 44th wedding anniversary in June. For his renewed health, Ron is happy to give credit to his care team at Mayo Clinic .

"I know I'm in very good hands when I go to Mayo, it's the best hospital in the country," says Ron. "Before I did transplants, I did not think I was going to succeed through the year, now I am ready to attack the world.

Faced with growing concerns

After discovering that he had cirrhosis, Ron spent most of the year in Riverside Hospital, California, where he lived at the time. He was dialysed for renal failure and needed several blood transfusions . It also required frequent treatment for hepatic encephalopathy – a mental disorder that can develop when toxins normally filtered through the liver enter the body's main bloodstream.

"Everybody cares about you, not just about the patient but about the family too, they explain everything so that you can understand it, I can not say enough good things about Mayo. " – Patricia Hale

The doctors told Ron that he needed a new liver. But when it was added to the National Waiting List for transplantation in August 2015, California doctors informed the Hales that the wait would likely be long. The couple started looking for their options. After finding the waiting times for an organ in Florida could be shorter, they moved to a suburb of Tampa.

In 2016, Ron continued to be in and out of the hospital. In a scary episode, he ended up in the coma of a broken femoral artery. As his health continued to deteriorate, a local nephrologist recommended Ron to go to the Mayo Clinic for an evaluation of the kidney transplant.

Grateful for the far-reaching care

The Hales traveled to Jacksonville on November 28, 2016. Ron was hospitalized on arrival while he continued to have hepatic encephalopathy. Ron was added to the transplant list a few days before Christmas, but he remained in the critical care unit in critical condition. Patricia says that she will never forget to spend Christmas Eve sharing her pizza with the ICU doctors, as well as the care and compassion that she and her husband have received.

"I have been kissing more doctors in recent months than I have in my entire life," she says.

On December 28, the doctors told Patricia that they had found a liver and kidney for her husband. Ron went into surgery that night. The procedures were successful and Ron was released from the hospital a few weeks later. Since then, his health has improved considerably.

For Patricia, the care she and Ron received at the Mayo Clinic are something she will never forget.

"Everyone cares about you, not just about the patient, but about the family," says Patricia. "They explain everything so you can understand, I can not say enough good things about Mayo."


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