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Hello, everyone, and how are you today? We’re fine, thanks, especially since it’s the middle of the week. Maybe you can relate. Of course, we will go forward, as always, since the alternatives seem dark. This calls for a cup of stimulation, however, and we invite you to join us. By the way, we would like to note that next week we will move to Stat so please adjust your reading habits. In the meantime, here are some infos. Have a nice day …

Valeant Pharmaceuticals offers discounts and, in some cases, the award of free dermatological drugs for the purpose of retaining market share Bloomberg News writes. The drug maker says that he is in talks with the payers, but the details have not been revealed. Investors, meanwhile, are concerned about debt covenants, The Wall Street Journal says. And many of the best fund managers in Canada keep their clients away from their actions, Business News Network .

The Japanese Ministry of Health plans to censor Novartis for failing to report the serious side effects of some of its drugs within a certain period The Japan Times . The case focuses on the side effects observed in about 5,500 patients, which should have been reported to the state in a few weeks of discovery. This would be the third administrative penalty imposed on the company because of its reporting delays.

Pfizer and Allergan Point to Plan to Make Brent Saunders CEO if Both Drug Giants Reach Recovery Agreement According to Bloomberg News . A combined drug manufacturer would likely divide into two companies, Allergan’s general manager, Saunders, taking the lead in the rapidly growing business of brand new drugs. The other unit would contain older products at the end of their service life or almost.

India has taken steps to relax the standards of testing and clinical trials necessary for the introduction of drugs already approved in other countries The Economic Times tells us. Decision announced in this Notice – gives greater responsibility to the formal Ethics Committees, which terminate clinical trials, and should reduce the time to market for new drugs, including products organic. Drug manufacturers have long lobbied against repeated testing and data submissions.

Allergan’s general manager, Brent Saunders, claims that some drug makers are getting the attention they deserve about the price they demand for their products . “There are some companies that have been very aggressive and may have taken too much time and deserve the attention they receive,” he told Bloomberg News . “I think it’s good, transparency helps to solve some of these problems.”

Robert Califf, who was appointed commissioner of the FDA, will be reviewed next Tuesday at a hearing to be held by the US Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions .

Drug Manufacturers Have Difficulty Recruiting for Highly Qualified Posts in the United Kingdom Due to a Small Pool of Good Quality Applicants, Degrading the Country’s R & D Position, Pharma Times .

The FDA has approved the use of Cotellic Roche in combination with its drug Zelboraf to treat advanced BRAF V600 mutation melanoma, reports Reuters .

MiRagen Therapeutics Receives $ 41 Million in Venture Capital to Market a Pair of Experimental Drugs, The Denver Business Journal .
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