Sprouts Altcoin ICO Review: Hodl or Dump?

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Sprouts is a relatively unknown cryptocurrency with something of uncertain origin. A story tells that the cabbages were founded by the mysterious Chinese freedom fighter, who calls himself Mr. Egghead.

Mr. Egghead is wanted by the Chinese authorities to thwart censorship, which may be a mark in his favor: why involve himself in a technology supposed to resist censorship, unless freedom on the Internet or elsewhere does it matter to you and that financial freedom be considered equal in importance to freedom of expression and the absence of searches and seizures without warrant?

Mr. Egghead apparently said of his decision to become a freedom fighter, "I only want the same freedoms that the Internet tells me to Americans." [i]

Another version of the original story can be found on Bitcointalk. [ii] The user known as bman3 was a self-proclaimed artist who foresaw a long-term problem for deflationary cryptocourses with a predetermined maximum number of coins: When Bitcoin will reach 21,000,000 coins Minors will find that their only motivation for keeping their platforms is transaction fees.

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This means that miners are very likely to drive up mining costs to the point of becoming another form of bank between buyers and sellers. So, bman3 proposed to have both inflationary and deflationary coins on the same overall Sprouts system.

Of course, the idea of ​​having a cryptocurrency that can be both inflationary and deflationary may have disoriented some of the Bitcointalk members who saw this post.

Not being a super technician, I did not understand how inflationary "flores" and deflationary "rays" could even play together or why someone would want to trade his Flora for rays if the rays do not be spent as Bitcoin can. An attempt to implement such an unusual system could have been part of what hindered the adoption of this cryptocurrency.

Bman3 apparently disappeared from Bitcointalk after accusing someone of stealing the name of Sprouts without even bothering to implement any of the ideas he presented [iii] so it is unlikely that he was the creator of Cryptocurrency Sprouts as it exists now. This former Bitcointalk member also had trouble finding a developer to implement his ideas, so he may have just given up.

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Is this a viable piece?

Beyond the noble cause supposedly supported by the alleged founder of Sprouts, it is whether Sprouts is a good investment for those interested in improving their own prosperity.

This cryptocurrency has recently jumped by more than 50% in value, which can make its hodlers happy but can also be a sign of a pump-and-dump. On the one hand, Sprouts has a new portfolio; on the other hand, the difficulty of finding useful information of the kind that you expect to see in a viable cryptocurrency is a legitimate concern for those wishing to avoid a possible scamcoin. The Sprouts forum even requires visitors to sign up before they can see the activity on the forum. [iv]

Frankly, Sprouts does not look promising since there is not much news beyond the publication of a portfolio and it is not clear whether bman3 or Mr. Egghead went so far as to talk to investors and businesses who might have been interested in the integration of cabbages.

It 's perhaps at someone else' s to pick up the ball if they want to do something from an already existing cryptocurrency, like the Have made new support teams with Auroracoin and Europecoin. This means that cabbages will probably not be very useful as a room other than a functionally inactive room that is sometimes pumped and discarded.

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