Top Three ICO Altcoins for Health – Can the Blockchain Improve Healthcare?

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Can the blockchain and cryptocurrency niche improve health care? Many blockchain insiders can tell themselves: "Duh, of course, that can". Blockchain applications could theoretically handle anything: improve the efficiency of records management, track supply chains so complicated that fraudulent health products major concern, improve the chances that the drug addicts recovering will always be clean and sober in five years.

These three current or upcoming ICOs are about to bring cryptocurrencies and blockchain applications into the health care niche. Here are the top three ICO Altcoins for Health – Can Blockchain Improve Health Care?


Recovering drug addicts usually fight to stay clean and sober. In fact, the Hayver team says that less than 5% of recovering drug addicts are still clean and sober five years after leaving rehabilitation because they do not receive the long-term support they need. to stay on track.

About half of Americans know someone who is addicted to drugs or is recovering, so if you do not know an addict, you probably have at least one colleague or friend who has a dependent parent who He or she never talks about.

That is if your acquaintance does not struggle secretly with an addiction or addiction of his own. It is painful to see a parent addicted to going back to rehab again and again because there is no one who can provide the follow-up and support that they need.

Hayver aims to change this by issuing an ICO and using the product not only to provide long-term support and surveillance, but also to reward addicts who stay on track to stay clean and sober.

The Hayver application works on sound scientific grounds: years of studies show that drug addicts are more likely to stay on track if they know that they could be tested randomly for medications every day.

New studies show that the "carrots and sticks" approach works even better. In addition to random testing, this application gives routine rewards in the form of cryptocurrencies for sticking with the program. This application already boasts a 78% success rate to prevent addicts from relapsing into the five-year mark.

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Dental prosthesis

As its name indicates, Dentalfix promises a solution for the dental industry to manage patient information that could be shared with other organizations such as pharmacies and suppliers. primary health care. The Dentalfix block chain will be monetised by loading a DFBT token with "Read" or "Read / Write".

The information available implies that his system could be extended to other areas of health care. It promises increased efficiency and accuracy in accessing, storing and creating patient records, as records can not be "accidentally" lost or altered by any means except an attack on the patient. entire Dentalfix system.

If a system like Dentalfix is ​​struggling to fight, it is that a common database will also require a standard common to several companies for formatting and encoding patient records.

For example, the error of writing is the main reason why insurance claims are denied and a lot of this is exacerbated by the fact that every insurance company has different standards for filing a claim.

An industry standard for handling patient records would make a similar application to Dentalfix very attractive to the healthcare sector for this reason alone. An insurance expert could simply see an updated file and be able to process the application without having to check whether the dentist's office used the appropriate codes when filling out the application.

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Publication BlockRX

Counterfeit drugs and medical supplies are serious concerns in the health care niche. Experts estimate that 8% of medical devices in circulation may be counterfeits and that their value in may be worth $ 7 billion each year . This means that someone, somewhere, benefits from the introduction of counterfeit products into the healthcare supply chain and endangers the lives of the people who depend on it.

How can pharmacists guarantee that prescription drugs are genuine when there is little or no transparency along the supply chain?

BlockRX is an application that aims to provide safer and more transparent records on multiple systems that should communicate freely, but are not always clear when it comes to sharing information and ensuring that records have not been tampered with.

BlockRX claims that it can solve this problem by booting blockchain technology and a new protocol called Advanced Digital Ledger Technology, which was created by iSolve.

A supply chain application like this could make the regulatory environment and liability more favorable to health care providers who may be concerned about the problem of counterfeiting, but do not do not necessarily know what they can do.

Because the blockchain is capable of throwing red flags if someone tries to slip a counterfeit cargo into the system, this can reduce the problem of counterfeiting by making it more boring than it would n & # 39; It's worth it.

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