Are You Ready For The Eclipse? Warnings, Rituals And Other Fascinating Tidbits

Eclipses have always been ripe for radical change, according to astrology. This "Great American Eclipse," as we have dubbed it, could very well be just the perfectly timed cosmic catalyst that our country needs to cause even more disruption to our already fragile state. Is it good? Is it bad? It's up to us to find out. But one thing we do not stop hearing is that, yes, sh * t is about to hit the heavenly fan – some even say politically.

Let's start with some amusing facts that make this eclipse specially designed to be historical:

Oh, and then there is this thing where the solar eclipse will cast a real SHADOW of DARKNESS. Astrologers say that the effects of eclipse can impact us for the next two years, so, yes, it's an endurance challenge. Are you ready?

Some in the world of yoga send warnings about the "exposure" of eclipses, as they did not! According to Swami Nirmalananda of Svaroopa Vidya Ashram, we could think of eating, drinking, sleeping, working or even going out during the eclipse. Instead, we should sing mantras and meditate. "Just as if a police helicopter was going around your neighborhood, it's time to protect yourself," warns Swami Nirmalananda .

But you do not have to say as much about the disaster and the gloom. Here are some great ways to experience the eclipse and exploit its energy for good.

Sit in meditation. It's only a few minutes, but that's what makes it so special. Use this time to meditate on an intention and let go of negativity or darkness in your life.
Be clear as crystal. Are you in energy crystals? Take this time to accuse them, or better yet, to erase them .
Reset the ritual. Looking for a step-by-step on pressing reset? This one involving candles, crystals, sage and positive mantras seems refreshing.
Moon juice. This "water eclipse" ritual seems interesting, although some of the suggested uses are a bit distant.

If you decide to try your luck at the front of the stage, do not look directly into the sun without your safety glasses. (Note aside, if you do not have eye protection, make it obsolete and make a practical pinhole camera, it's easy. Here's a how-to .)

Not in the direct path? You will probably still be able to see a partial eclipse. Here is a useful map from NASA to understand this. This visual guide of on what cities across the United States will see (partial eclipse) is also helpful.

In light of all this (pun intended), we feel it's appropriate to wish us good luck at all!

Have you planned your own solar eclipse ritual? Are you attending or teaching a special yoga class on the solar eclipse?

One can just put Bonnie Tyler in a loop and call it a day.

We live in a barrel of powder and give off sparks!


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