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Brian Platz, co-CEO of Fluree

SilkRoad Technology co-founder Brian Platz is interested in the block chain with Fluree a new Public Benefit Corporation that introduced a scalable blockchain database for decentralized applications . Fluree is not specific to health care, but there is a lot of potential for blockchain.

In this podcast interview we covered the following:

(0:10) What is a scalable blockchain database and why is it important?
(1:58) What are the most urgent needs for databases in health care? How different are they from the problems faced by other industries?
(3:07) What are the cases of health care use for Fluree?
(5:15) You mention transparency and consensus as key attributes of the blockchain. Does this contradict health needs for privacy and security?
(6:35) Who will benefit from technology in health care? Who is likely to be left behind?
(7:46) What impact, if any, will health care consumers and patients see as a result of Fluree?
(8:51) Why is Fluree organized as a public utility?

By a Medical Affairs Consultant David E. Williams President of Health Business Group .

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