Celebrating PCMH Certified Content Experts

The PCMH Congress of the NCQA is underway in Orlando. It is the perfect setting to recognize the people who make so many others through the transformation. Of course, I refer to Certified Content Experts (CCE). They are too familiar with the concepts of engagement, transformation and success.

Recognizing the best of the best

This weekend, the NCQA recognizes two individuals who have played a remarkable role in the CCE community. They won the first quality awards of PCMH CCE. Our recipients are Lori Francis, PCMH CCE, PCMH Vendor Consultant, Tennessee Blue Cross Blue Shield and Ken Watson, PCMH CCE, Practical Support Coordinator, Center for Health and Education. Wake Area (AHEC

When NCQA asked for nominations for awards, we asked recognized practices to appoint CECs that demonstrate:

Significant contributions to the transformation of the practice, resulting in a practice or practices at NCQA PCMH recognition.
In-depth knowledge, experience and performance with the NCQA PCMH program standards, guidelines, documentation and the recognition process.
Performance as a team player, coach and defender positive and goal-oriented.

We had several nominations for Lori and Ken.

Our Honors of the CEC

Lori is a PCMH certified content expert with more than ten years of health care experience in diverse fields such as public hospitals, private / educational clinics and insurers. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Public Health Administration with a minor in Management at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, Tennessee. Lori works at Tennessee's Blue Cross Blue Shield as a PCMH Provider consultant for the Eastern Tennessee region. Previously, Lori worked for East Tennessee State University as Clinical Services Coordinator for nine years. As Clinical Coordinator and Performance Consultant, she facilitated the PCMH Care Model by collaborating with staff and practice providers to implement policies, procedures and protocols, streamline workflows and develop a model. of DSE. Lori supports 15 organizations that bring together 140 individual sites combined. (Wow!) Most of its practices are recognized under the 2014 standards and all are working on the 2017 requirements to be submitted this year or the next.

Ken is an NCQA PCMH certified content expert with over 20 years of experience in social, psychosocial and health care services in homeless services and shelters, residential settings Medicaid and the federal health centers. All it takes before becoming a member of a Regional Health and Education Center (AHEC). He obtained a BSN and a BA in Psychology from Wichita State University in Wichita, Kansas. Ken has been working at the Wake North Carolina Area Health and Education Center (AHEC) for five years. As part of the practice support services, he has worked as a consultant for independent primary care sites to address meaningful use and to carry out quality improvement initiatives. Ken is now assisting PCMH's offices with large multi-site and health systems in the Raleigh metropolitan area. Ken contributed to the recognition of 49 practices.

Even more for CECs

Learn about Lori and Ken's work in the upcoming PCMH CCE Notes and the newly announced PCMH CCE Digital Community. The Digital Community CCE PCMH (DC) is an online forum for CECs to share ideas, tools and resources with other CECs working to support the PCMH. The Community will be available in January 2018 via My NCQA ( My.ncqa.org ) exclusively to active ECCs.

Join us in congratulating Lori Francis, PCMH CCE and Ken Watson, PCMH CCE!

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Matt Brock is the Director of Communications at NCQA. After more than two decades in broadcast journalism, Matt now leads NCQA's efforts to develop unique content that engages and informs consumers and suppliers, plans and decision-makers via this blog, our website, NCQA.org and many social media platforms. Matt's goal is to educate consumers and direct them to the best resources when they take into account the quality of their healthcare decisions.


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