Centralized Decisions Power Success at African Bank

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The Power of Centralized Decision Making at the African Bank

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Nov. 23 2017

The African Bank can now launch new credit strategies 30% faster at a cost of 25% lower and can make changes to credit strategies in two days instead of two months. These are some of the results reported by African Bank, after adopting the FICO decision management software as the central decision center of the bank.

The recent transformation of the bank included a thorough review of banking operations, which showed that existing decision-making processes created inefficiencies and lacked opportunities to respond to the market.

"We asked the entire bank to take into account all the existing logic in our decision-making process, fragmented between different applications and teams," said Dawid Van Zyl, head of credit program at African Bank . with finding the best ways to manage the business.

The team chose FICO® Blaze Advisor®, decision rule management system to manage its centralized decisions. After a short period of implementation, African Bank is now using Blaze Advisor for Decision Services in four core modules, with 11 custom-built environments within these modules. The bank is able to handle all this with a single, easy-to-use interface, and now has full lifecycle control over the entire system.

This project shows the power of centralized decisions across the enterprise, a concept that has been discussed for years but that has been achieved by very few companies. New analytics and decision management technologies allow businesses of all types, everywhere, to improve the quality, consistency, and cost of decisions, while satisfying regulatory requirements that require better governance. 39; company.

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