Chicken Nugget Yoga Takes Wing

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It's a terrible word game. We are very sorry. But not as sorry as we are about this new blend of yoga. Chicken Nugget Yoga * is, of course, a joke (we think!) Created by British comedians Goubran Bahou and Alex Balcombe and may well be a true style considering all mashups nowadays. Balancing this nugget does not seem easy. Plus, over 18 million views can not be wrong, right?

What does yoga teacher Chicken Nugget tell her student who moves slowly?


What did the student tell the yoga teacher?

I try to reach to-ma-toes!

Just a little bit of Ketchup Yoga humor.

* For vegans, imagine that it's your favorite chicken-free nugget. These look good .

For your pleasure … or failing to have some:

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