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NCQA Certified Experts (CEC) are special people who are committed to providing Quality Health Care: Daily help practices go through their transformation to become NCQA recognized patient-centric medical centers (PCMH) .C is hard work.It's a process rigorous to ensure that CCTs understand the PCMH care model and PCMH recognition Program .

Since the work of the CCE is unique to this group, NCQA is developing a new CCE PCMH digital community for CECs to share ideas, tools and resources. This exclusive online forum will help CECs work together to support PCMH in the country.

The digital community will be launched in January and will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from any computer.

Why join the CCE digital community?

Glad you asked! Here are some reasons why you should consider creating favorites and joining the new digital community:

Start a discussion about your efforts to help the practices continue to recognize the PCMH.
Share tips, strategies and ideas that can support others in their home medical work.
Ask questions, explore ideas and collaborate on solutions.
Engage CEC colleagues in your area.
Initiate a discussion on your state's initiatives for PCMH.
Learn from others how their work in the redesigned PCMH program is progressing.
Meet the leadership of NCQA. Ask questions and get previews about NCQA products and programs.
Continue your learning after quarterly webinars with teacher-led discussions on the chosen topic.

Thank you to the CEC!

The CECs are all committed to helping medical practices better care for their patients. It's good for people, practitioners, health care plans … yes, improving health care is good for everyone and CCTs play an important role in achieving these goals.

Look for an announcement to launch the community in the coming weeks. Good connection!

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Tammy is the program manager for the PCMH Content Expert certification at NCQA. In this role, she supports the Certified Content Experts PCMH (CCE) through the design and development of certified continuing education. She oversees the administration of exams, operations, marketing and program expansion.


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