Ep 119 – Neuroinclusion & the Autistic Job Candidate

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In an increasingly global market, diversity and inclusion are recognized as a key element of business success. Research tells us that diverse and inclusive teams are smarter, more creative and make better decisions. While a growing number of organizations embrace the notion of diversity, the practice of inclusion is often overlooked. Being respected, valued and welcome to contribute means more than just good feelings: Humans have a biological need to belong – to feel included, supported and valued by others socially. Today, we are delving deeper into neuroscience, especially neuroinclusion, and looking at what we can do more to achieve an inclusive workplace.

Episode 119: Neuroinclusion and autistic job search with Steve Eisenberg ( @ steve8004 )

Often, as in my podcast, I speak to experts as with our recent podcast interview on Neuroscience, however, we do not always go directly to the source to get the candidate's point of view or perspective. employed at our place of work. Steven Eisenberg is a professional who is directly interested in neuro-inclusion and neurodiversity. He is diagnosed with autism and spends much of his time talking to employers, recruiters, workplace leaders and businesses about how they can be more inclusive and diverse in their workforce and their programs. 39; hiring. Steve attends conferences and corporate sharing and coaching events on program components that they should consider for their diversity and inclusion programs.

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Steve offers a unique perspective, which is why I knew that I needed to have him as a guest on the podcast. He is also an active autistic job seeker who seeks an inclusive, diverse organization and eager to hire him for his unique set of skills and experience in marketing and project-based work. His views in these areas are important for all companies, but also for those who focus on hiring for diversity and inclusion as well as on the retention goals of their organization. Steve says he's excited about the increase in hiring for those who are diverse candidates, however, it's extremely difficult as a job seeker to find companies that have autism hiring programs where he lives. He also shares how the interview and candidate selection process is difficult for someone like him. This fact is one of the reasons he started talking and educating hiring managers and HR about what companies can do to make their workplaces and processes work. hiring more inclusive.

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The focus of the CEO on diversity and inclusion in their workplace

Research tells us that inclusion is an important topic, especially for CEOs. According to Deloitte's 2017 Human Resources Trends report, the proportion of executives who cited inclusion as a top priority increased by 32% over our 2014 survey. This, along with the feedback I received from A list of companies with autism hiring programs last year is one of the reasons why Steve and I believe that more dialogue and conversation must take place between employers, employees and jobseekers. You can read more about Steve's point of view and other ideas about the workplace and the hiring process for the autistic job seeker by listening to the entire story. Podcast interview.

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