Ethikos Editor’s Weekly Picks: Money is no Longer the Biggest Incentive in Selecting a Job

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Money is no longer the greatest incentive to choose a job

By Kellie Ell for the USA TODAY & # 39; HUI

Money, it seems, is no longer the most motivating motivating people to go to work every day.

These are at least the results of a new survey conducted by the MetLife insurer, which revealed that nine out of ten people would choose a company with similar values ​​as compared to a job that pays more. And they are ready to take a big pay cut to make sure these values ​​are in line with theirs.

The average salary that employees were willing to pay was 21%. The results are not limited to high-income earners: people earning less than $ 50,000 a year also reported that they were always willing to part with at least a portion of their salaries for the good company. Read more

What is the difference between professional etiquette and business ethics?

By Bruce Weinstein for Forbes

The rules of business ethics and business etiquette are the foundation of strong and productive business relationships. You would not want to do business with people who worked for an organization that had little regard for ethics or etiquette.

The etiquette of business is important to the business, but business ethics is much more important. Read more

Impact of Transformation Leadership on the Ethics of Work

By Akintola Benson-Oke for Vanguard

In a council addressed to the leadership of organizations, Fionnuala Courtney said that "the success of leadership training always depends on how that is done. Think back to the best manager you have ever had. I'm sure you can remember the person because good leaders are memorable. . . and excellent leaders are unforgettable. What did their leadership motivate and encourage? For the same reason, I bet you can also remember your worst leader. Great leaders move us and inspire us to do our best work. That said, it is important that you have effective leaders in your workplace to empower and influence your employees to achieve their business and team goals. " Read more

Building Behavioral Science Skills in Your Business

By Steve Martin and Antoine Ferrère for Harvard Business Review

More and more companies are looking to build a behavioral science team – a team that lies at the very heart of their business and which any organization can take advantage of. This makes sense because the alternative is that behavioral knowledge is experienced by specific individuals or departments, and their knowledge and skills are likely to vary: Someone in marketing might use their behavioral knowledge to develop more effective campaigns, while in time, someone in HR uses theirs to focus on employee engagement. Sales could be developing an informed strategy on behavior, while operations are looking for ways to reduce costs. Read more

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