Health Wonk Review: Disaster edition

Welcome to the disaster edition of Health Wonk Review!

Fire, Fire everywhere

 Forest Fire-2268729_640

At Workers' Comp Insider, Julie Ferguson focuses on response and recovery in the California fires . Cleaning up toxic devastation poses enormous health risks to firefighters and residents. It also pays tribute to the workers who fought the fires, including a little-known segment – the prisoners who volunteer to fight the fire.

Can it get worse?


Roy Poses at Health Care Renewal Shares The Worst Case of Revolving Door Health Care .

After following and documenting many examples of conflicts of interest and corruption that have affected health care for over 13 years, I am almost stunned by the unpredictability of the control of health policy and regulation. the largest players in business health care who are most subject to these policies and regulations.

Sabotage or bailout?


Let InsureBlog probe the mysteries of targeting by the Trump Administration of the cost-sharing component of the Affordable Care Act. This is neither a sabotage nor a rescue, we are told. This is a clear look at the problems involved, but I find Part 1 ( why CSR is not a bailout ) more convincing than Part 2 ( why this is not sabotage ). The second part does not take into account the fact that the uncertainty created by Trump undermines the plans and says that the premium increase is comparable to what was happening on the markets anyway. He leaves aside the broader context and other examples of sabotage.

#CareTalk – Protecting the Vulnerable

In the episode of the month of #CareTalk the CEO of CareCentrix John Driscoll and your host, David Williams of Health Business Group discuss the recent hurricanes that have affected the United States and what can be done to protect vulnerable populations.

That's it friends! A light edition but I will take quality above quantity.

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