How to Answer the Interview Question “Why are You Job-Hunting?”

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-2493" src="" alt=" How to answer the interview Question "Why are you looking for a job?" "Width =" 450 "height =" 303 "/> It is strange to see how job seekers can be trained to feel bad about the fact that they are currently unemployed or are trying to get out of a bad job, while everyone knows that great people are unemployed or are doing lousy jobs.

I would like job interviewers to keep in mind that being unemployed does not mean that a person has flaws or is undesirable. Look what has happened in the economy over the last eight years! Almost all major employers have experienced significant layoffs during this period. Of course, people are unemployed.

We all have to answer the interview question "Why are you looking for a job?" We need to move away from the issue instead of offending it. The question itself is harmless.

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This is the envelope that often comes into play (the raised eyebrow of the interviewer and the accusatory tone of the voice) that bothers us, but we have to cultivate a confident smile and an answer quick and airy to the question. Not all interviewers we meet will be qualified or conversationalists.

Here are some examples of answers to the question "Why are you looking for a job?" To make you think of your own situation:

Why are you looking for a job now?

I climbed the ladder at Acme Explosives and ran their local distribution center until Acme was sold to Toon Town Industries in April and they closed the warehouse. That's why I'm looking for something new.

I was a senior contract administrator at the General Hospital from 2011 until last October when they reorganized and reduced the staff. Since then I work on freelance projects and enjoy some free time!

I work at Angry Chocolates which has been a fantastic place to work but which has no career advancement opportunities for a Marketing like me, so I'm looking for my next adventure!

If you were fired from your last job, you have nothing to apologize for or feel embarrassed about. How many workers do you know who have never been fired or fired? It's hard to find one! It is certain that anyone who has ever taken a career risk has been dismissed or dismissed at least once. It is not a bad thing to change jobs more often than average people. You can only develop your muscles when trying new things!

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