MACRA Recognizes Our Patient-Centered Connected Care Practices

There is more good news for our practices in the 2018 Final Rule on Access to Medicare and the Reauthorization of the Marketing Authorization Act (MACRA ).

Patient Centered Internal Medicine (PCMH) and Patient Centered Practice (PCSP) programs are widely accepted by stakeholders, payers, and the government. Now we can add our patient-centered care program to the list of programs that attract attention and accept their value in the organization of care.

The Connected Care program provides urgent care, retail and other independent clinics in the medical district. It focuses on clinical integration and communication between sites offering intermittent or ambulatory treatment (such as an emergency care clinic) and the primary care provider of a patient. .

Now, our Interconnected Care Program is recognized as an "average" activity category for the Merit Incentive Payment System (MIPS) enhancement activity section.

The "average" weight provides 25% of the score of improvement activities (50% if it is a small rural practice or ASPH).

This means that connected care practices recognized by the NCQA are ahead of the game.

That's not all, people …

The final rule of 2018 granted automatic credit for interconnected care practices in a second category: Advancing Care Information (ACI). Connected care practices automatically get 25% of their ACI score by getting credits for 3 ACI measurements:

Provide patient access
Patient-specific education
Data generated by the patient

Practices can earn up to 10 points each based on their total ACI score.

Questions about this new automatic credit? Comment below!

For more information on our Connected Care program, you can visit our website .

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Still confused about MACRA? Check out our MACRA Toolbox at .

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