More Q & A from Introduction to PCMH 2017

PCMH Redesign has changed a lot about how practices are recognized. Naturally, people have questions about the new process.

Here are some questions from the audience of June 14, 2017 Introduction to the 2017 PCMH training in Washington, DC:

ISS is out and Q-PASS is in! … But what happens to all the data that your practice has patiently entered ISS over the years?


If you had received a certification in 2014 (for example, in the area of ​​behavioral health), should you start the whole process again for the 2017 distinction?

Professors Bill Tulloch and Mina Harkins of NCQA PCMH had the answers in the video below:

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Michael Braaten is the video and communications specialist at NCQA and has been working for the organization since 2016.


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