National Minority Health Month – Bridging Health Equity Across Communities

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April is National Minority Health Month, the theme of which is to bring together health equity.

Our work at NCQA is rooted in guaranteeing the quality of health care for all, and our goal is to improve care and reduce health disparities. NCQA is passionate about helping health plans, practices and organizations to better treat every patient, regardless of background, race or postal code.

Among the many ways NCQA "walks the walk" is in collaboration with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services. With CMS, we developed a toolkit to help health professionals improve care of minorities – for people with limited English, for sexual minorities and kind and for people with disabilities.

In April, we focus on the most common diseases among minority groups: diabetes and high blood pressure.

According to the Agency for Research and Quality for Health 10.8% of non-Hispanic blacks, 10.6% of American Mexicans and 9% of American Indians suffer from diabetes, compared to 6.2% of whites.

We observe similar patterns with high blood pressure – it is among the highest in the world for African Americans. More than 40% of non-Hispanic African-American men and women have high blood pressure, and it develops earlier in life and is generally more severe for African-Americans.

Bridging Health Equity Between Communities

How does NCQA help bridge the gap in health equity? To begin with, we have developed the Healthcare Effectiveness and Data Set (or HEDIS) measures widely used to determine the effectiveness of the health plan in key areas of health and to promote health. improvement. We also evaluate health plans, highlighting quality of care and patient satisfaction.

Congratulations to these health plans "walk the walk" with us for health care equity!

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Cindy is Communications Manager at NCQA. Its goal is to educate consumers through the media and public relations. Cindy is a strategist of communications and public engagement with an experience rooted in television reporting. She is also part of NCQA's creative services unit, developing messages through visual storytelling.


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