No Limit Altcoin Review: The Definitive Fantasy Sports Coin?

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There seems to be a cryptocurrency for all these days. According to Coinmarketcap, the number of cryptocurrencies available as of September 29, 2017 was more than 1100. Given the speed with which things move in the cryptocurrency space, you can be sure that this number is much higher today. September 28, 2017.

But a cryptocurrency for fantasy sports? Now we have seen everything.

No Limit Coin (NLC2) is the exclusive cryptocurrency of and plans to expand to other sites. No Limit Fantasy Sports also offers fantastic sports services via (based on the US dollar), (free version available in areas subject to market restrictions, such as 25 US states), and NFL Stat Challenge (peer-to-peer wagering platform with zero rake, or game entry fee).

Mission: Why NLC2?

According to the NLC2 website, NLC2 aims to replace fiduciary currencies like the US dollar when it comes to fantastic sports.

Unlike many fiduciary currencies, including the USD, NLC2 experienced a strong appreciation in value this year. In addition, the team behind NLC2 aims to work around the many problems associated with using fiat currency on fantasy sports platforms, including high transaction fees and long lead times. waiting for money. With NLC2, transaction fees will be minimal and instant money transfers.

In addition, No Limit Fantasy Sports aims to replace the main fantasy sports platforms, such as Draft Kings and Fan Duel, which represent 90% of the US fantasy sports market and charge considerable fees to players. For example, instead of charging 10% to enter the games, No Limit Fantasy Sports will charge only 5%. For face-to-face games, these fees will fall to 2.5%.

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Features and Use

Usable in various fantasy sports

NLC2 is currently available for fantasy football and American football, but will be available for other fantastic sports in the year, as No Limit Fantasy Sports adds basketball and hockey before the end of the year. # 39; year.

Immediate Transfer

NLC2 transactions arrive quickly and easily, with transactions taking only a few minutes to confirm before being transferred between portfolios.

Low transmission costs

With instant transfers, moving NLC2 will result in low transmission costs.

High Liquidity

NLC2 is available on several cryptocurrency exchanges and can be traded for various currencies in both fiat and crypto, including the US dollar (USD), the euro (EUR), the bitcoin (BTC) and the US Ethereum (ETH).

Less "game" of the system

Currently, some competitions on major platforms, such as Draft Kings, allow players to enter up to 500 squad choices, allowing players to "play" or "rig" Competition in their favor using methods such as robots.

No Limit Fantasy Sports, the platform of NLC2, claims to be for the fantastic 'purists' and will only allow players to enter a maximum of 10 squad choices, which gives average users who do not use bots a chance to win

Various types of competitions

The competitions allow users to challenge each other based on the individual statistics of the sports players. With more than 100 statistical categories, fantasy sports players can challenge each other in different ways.

Justification of Interest (PdS) ​​

NLC2 is a piece of identity or a piece of identity. By placing their holdings in their local wallet from a PC or Mac, users simultaneously help to process the blockchain or NLC2 ledger and receive an annual interest of 4%.

"Green" Coin

The NLC2 is considered a "green" coin because of its low resource consumption compared to work proof coins, such as Bitcoin.


Created around the end of 2016, NLC2 has begun to receive a lot of attention over the last few months, with its market capitalization peaking at around $ 100 million towards the end of the month of August.

Also in August, No Limit Fantasy Sports launched Fantastic Football on, allowing players to play fantasy versions of popular football leagues, such as the English Premier League, La Liga Spain, La Liga Mexico and Major League Soccer USA.

In September, No Limit Fantasy Sports added American football through the National Football League (NFL) to its range of whimsical sports.

In October, No Limit Fantasy Sports plans to launch its advertising campaign, launch its fantasy hockey league and improve its portfolio.

November will also be a busy month for the organization as it plans to register NLC2 on larger purses, launch fantastic basketball and launch mixed martial arts (MMA).

In January 2018 and June 2018, No Limit Fantasy Sports will launch fantasy cricket and fantasy baseball respectively.

Total Amount of Provision and Circulation

As of September 28, 2017, at 8:25 am UTC-5, the total outstanding supply of NLC2 is 203,743,395 NLC2 at a price per piece of $ 0.191392, giving NLC2 a total market capitalization of $ 38,994,856. Although there is no fixed total supply, NLC2 will grow at an annual rate of 1.5 to 2.0% compared to its initial supply of 200 million pieces in November 2016 .

Conclusion: Should you invest in the NLC2?

While NLC2 has a legitimate use case in offering lower fees and faster transfer times than fiduciary currencies when it is used in fantasy sports, we believe that the project will still faces many obstacles.

The most egregious obstacle for us is the adoption. We have trouble believing that the average fantasy sports player would be willing to go through cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, then use this Bitcoin to buy NLC2 before sending NLC2 to a NLC2 wallet to play on the sites. No Limit Fantasy Sports. In addition, NLC2 is not yet available on major exchanges, such as Bittrex, which adds an additional layer of difficulty to adoption by users.

However, the team behind the project is very active, in contrast to other projects where, for example, teams withdraw after large ICOs. For example, the poor design of the NLC2 site and the No Limit Fantasy Sports platforms leaves something to be desired. However, the team showed that she was ready to work to satisfy its users and investors, with the announcement of a complete overhaul of the user interface (UI) which should to be launched in October.

Although we do not recommend allocating large amounts of your cryptocurrency portfolio to NLC2, we believe that it is an interesting project and that the readers who are interested in it should know more about . ]

No Limit Coin is currently available in various markets, including YoBit, Cryptopia, CoinExchange, Novaexchange, C-CEX and Cryptopia.

Thank you for reading!

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