Nutrition for cancer patients: Podcast interview with Savor CEO Susan Bratton

Savor the Health CEO, Susan Bratton

Nutrition is important for everyone, but for cancer patients, it’s especially important. Many cancer patients struggle with appetite and weight loss; nutrition problems affect patients’ ability to tolerate treatment and contribute to mortality .

Savor Health offers nutritional solutions related to oncology. I’ve talked with Susan Bratton, Founder and General Manager, to find out more.

(0:14) Why is nutrition so important for cancer patients?
(1:30) How common is malnutrition among cancer patients?
(2:12) How well is this problem understood? Is awareness increasing?
(5:24) Do patients understand how serious the consequences of malnutrition are, beyond a general awareness of the importance of nutrition?
(6:32) How do nutritional problems vary by type of cancer?
(9:35) How did you become interested in this area?
(12:13) What approaches are being used to address nutrition in cancer patients?
(14:15) Is there an overlap between nutritional counseling and behavioral health? Is depression taken into account?
(15:16) What does Savor Health do?
(19:30) How will the company evolve?

By a Medical Affairs Consultant David E. Williams President of Health Business Group .

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