One More Step for Behavioral Health

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NCQA is proud to support other organizations to support the measures who improve the program

In a joint letter to Seema Verma, administrator of Medicare and Medicaid service centers, NCQA and 15 organizations are calling for the addition of behavioral and mental health measures to classifications.

Extracts from the letter:

"Medicare Advantage plans must focus on the measures included in Star Ratings to be competitive because the Star Ratings are tied to plan payment rates.The Medicare Advantage star rating system does not include Strict behavioral health conditions: "Behavioral and mental health conditions are considerably outsourced and are strongly associated with greater reliance on other health services, and thus higher costs." Treatments for many behavioral conditions also side effects that require careful monitoring and, often, other treatments, and there is often little coordination between behavioral health care providers and other health care providers that is needed to optimal care. "

A step closer to behavioral health

The following groups signed the letter to the administrator Verma:

Association of Aging Health Care
American Association of Art Therapy
American Association for Health and Disability
American Foundation for the Blind
American Association of Counselors in Mental Health
American Psychiatric Association
Campaign for Trauma Policy and Practice
Center for Medicare Advocacy
Global Alliance for Behavioral Health and Justice Social
Justice in Aging
Lakeshore Foundation
Center for Insurance Rights
] National council Behavioral Care
National Quality Assurance Committee
National Council on Aging

Read the full letter here .

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