Quality Talks 2017 Josh Rosenthal, PhD: 50 Shades of Variation

Josh Rosenthal, PhD

Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, RowdMap, Inc.

Brad Pitt's book and film "Moneyball" is a true story. They are outsiders who use data to build pro baseball teams that earn a lot but are cheap. Josh Rosenthal lives and runs a healthy version of Moneyball. Baseball is a minor league compared to what it can do. He finds and creates valuable healthcare teams that save lives.

Watch the conversation now:

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Matt Brock is the director of communications at NCQA. After more than two decades in broadcast journalism, Matt now leads NCQA's efforts to develop unique content that engages and informs consumers and suppliers, plans and decision-makers via this blog, our website, NCQA.org and many social media platforms. Matt's goal is to educate consumers and direct them to the best resources when they take into account the quality of their healthcare decisions.


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