Substratum Altcoin Review – The Latest Push for Digital Decentralization

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In the wave of recent crypto-currency deals, it's a great feat for an individual piece to stand out from the crowd. That's why we decided to assemble this review of Substratum, a relatively new piece that has received a lot of publicity lately.

Substratum has had a successful ICO, raising 13.8 USD, and its white paper promises to solve some of the biggest problems of the digital currency revolution.


Substratum aims to accelerate the trend of decentralization that is so important in the world of cryptocurrency. Substrate strongly believes in the idea of ​​decentralization, and most of its features and qualities aim to find a way to facilitate decentralized transactions and content delivery.

The company considers that service operations should not be controlled by any entity. They cite national governments as China as an example of how a singular authority can create a burden on the free exchange of trade and ideas.

In addition, they cite Amazon Web Services as a place where the private sector has also begun a trend toward centralization in the private sphere. Substrate seeks to undo these structures using a shared, peer-to-peer model for its functions.

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Features and Uses

Substratum offers features and uses for users in their efforts to facilitate a decentralized web. Their features are organized around facilitation of content delivery and micro-transaction functionality in a way that attracts average and low tech users.

Shared accommodation

Substratum also seeks to solve the problem of high housing costs. Companies like Amazon Web Service allow users to pay per minute for web and database servers, while Substratum seeks to offer web site hosting and databases on demand.

Ease of use

One of the most distinctive features of Substratum is the accessibility that it offers to the less technical users. Average users will not need any special software to use. The interface for SUB parts operates on the basis of a point-and-click, which opens access to a wider variety of users than digital currencies that require a level of higher technical knowledge.

Decentralization of Content

Another advantage of Substratum is the ability to decentralize content. The content released by Substratum can be delivered on Windows, Mac and Linux platforms, and it is easy to install.

Advanced databases

Substratum uses custom compression algorithms to serve sites and databases. These algorithms use automatic learning and other techniques to provide location-based services, ensuring that Substratum provides the right content to the right user. The result is lower latency and shorter load times.


Substratum uses several mechanisms, including artificial intelligence and machine learning, to use geolocation in an innovative and unique way. These include a faster and more accurate content service, DNS queries, privacy and security features.


Substrate offers a multitude of security features. These features are generated by advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning, as well as by proprietary cryptographic algorithms. In doing so, they are trying to follow the pattern of Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency by offering a combination of privacy, security and flexibility for users.

Development Tools

One of the other advantages of Substratum is the fact that it offers a range of development tools in the form of an API and an SDK. As a result, developers will have easier access when it comes to creating Substratum-based applications and Web sites.


Substratum was invented by a team of US-based software developers who created innovative and sustainable solutions for Fortune 100 companies like Apple, HP, Facebook and Disney.

Substratum was founded in February 2017. They had their first sale of ICO chips in August 2017, with a preICO that took place on August 7th and the OIC itself the August 14th. the future includes listings on Coss, Liqui, Binance and Bittrex. In early 2018, they plan to use the SubstratumNode, Developer Toolkit, SubstratumStore and Substratum DNS products. Cryptopay and the Substratum Bridge are expected later in 2018.

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Total Supply and Circulating Volume

From 1 pm. UTC -5, October 6, 2017, Substrate trades at $ 0.126266 and has an outstanding offer of 226.091.449, for a total market capitalization of $ 28.4 million. Substrate has a total provision of 352 million.


Substrate has a few things to do, including an impressive ICO that raised $ 13.5 million. In addition, their development team has the technical and industry skills that help any digital currency gain momentum in the marketplace.

However, we recommend that you wait to see how things go a little further before allocating a large investment to Substratum. The company is currently promising a lot, but it has delivered little.

The fact that it began in 2017, and has not yet delivered much of their product offerings, is reason enough to disregard this particular piece. In addition, it is difficult to find a single strong selling point for Substrate. Many of its goals and claims are duplicated by the vast majority of other cryptocoin offers.

This situation does not mean that there is no future for Substratum, but rather that the future will largely depend on the performance. While Substratum has all the pieces to offer an excellent and efficient product, the volume of competition for their market space means that we would like to wait and see how their products work before recommending a larger than nominal investment.

Thank you for reading.

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