Toolkit: Advancing Women Leaders in Africa


In March 2017, Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda, former President of Malawi and Founder of the Joyce Banda Foundation launched her document entitled " From day one: a program for the 39, the advancement of women leaders in Africa "as the heart of her research while she was a prominent researcher at the Woodrow Wilson Center . To achieve this goal, Dr. Banda published" From the first day: a program for the advancement of women in Africa "that details the history of women's leadership in Africa and some of the challenges and opportunities that women face in their leadership journey. key recommendations for promoting women's leadership in Africa:

1) Strengthen the political will to empower girls and appoint qualified women to leadership positions

2) Mobilizing Rural Leadership, Families and Communities to Promote Change in Mentality and Behavior around Women and Girls

3) Strengthen networks between current and emerging leaders

4) Allocate Resources for Data Collection and Analysis, and Research on Women and Leadership

5) Creating the Legal Environment to Advance Women in Leadership

In the second phase of his research, Dr. Banda led the creation of a toolkit to provide concrete steps to implement the recommendations.


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