Top 3 Reasons to Give Your Feedback! Public Comment Period is Open!

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Much of our work at NCQA involves public participation. We rely on health plans, buyers, consumers and other stakeholders to assess the suitability and feasibility of various aspects of our work, from measurements up to updates on accreditation programs .

As of today, we invite the public to comment on the measures of the Information and Effectiveness System on the Effectiveness of Health Care (HEDIS®) included in the health regime accreditation log for the 2019 reporting year.

Three reasons to give us your opinion:

This is an opportunity for all stakeholders to give their opinion on the proposed measures for scoring in HPA.
The changes are intended to improve the alignment between the Health Plan Ratings (HPR) set of measures and the HPA set of measures.
Your voice counts!

Read the suggested measurement changes below and tell us what you think!

NCQA proposes to add these measures to those noted in HPA

For commercial plans:
Metabolic monitoring for children and adolescents on antipsychotics (APs).
Use of frontline psychosocial care for children and adolescents on antipsychotics (APP).

Prenatal and postpartum care (CPP) -Timetric rate of prenatal care.

NCQA proposes to delete these scoring measures in HPA

For commercial plans and health insurance:
Persistence of Beta-blocking therapy after a heart attack (PBH).

For multiple indicator measurements, NCQA proposes to remove these indicators from the notation in HPA to focus on the most desirable rate

For commercial plans, Medicare and Medicaid:
Antidepressant Drug Management (AMM) – Acute Phase Rate.
Initiation and commitment to the treatment of alcohol and other drug dependence (EIT) – initiation rate.
Statin Therapy for Patients with Cardiovascular Disease (CTS) – Statin Therapy Rate.
Statine Therapy for Patients with Diabetes (SPD) – Received statin therapy rate.

For commercial and Medicaid plans:
Follow-up for children prescribed ADHD drugs (ADD) -Initiation Phase Rate.
Weight Evaluation and Counseling for Nutrition and Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents (WCC) -Counseling for Physical Activity and Counseling for Nutrition Rates

The site of public comment is .

Period of public consultation: 14 November to 15 December 2017.

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Cindy is Senior Director of Communications at NCQA. Its goal is to educate consumers through the media and public relations. Cindy is a strategist of communications and public engagement with an experience rooted in television reporting. She is also part of NCQA's Creative Services Unit, which develops messages through visual storytelling.


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