Write Separate Coverage And Process Manuals Or Write One Record That Covers Insurance policies And Process


A Coverage and Process Writing Quandary: Do you create Separate Coverage and Process Manuals or do you create a unmarried Record that comprises each the Coverage and Procedural Statements?

Maximum of my friends will say that they write separate coverage and process manuals. In different phrases, there’s one guide that comprises simplest coverage paperwork and there’s one guide that comprises simplest process paperwork. I’ve discovered few eventualities the place this is smart. Let me provide an explanation for my issues with this tradition. In my coverage and process books, I counsel and make a case for embedding coverage statements inside procedures and thereby get rid of the desire for a 2d coverage guide. My approach is way more sensible for reference and writing functions as we can see later on this article.

Referencing Topics in Two Puts turns into unreasonable with SEPARATE Coverage and Process Manuals

The issue with life two manuals (coverage guide and a process guide) is that the coverage and process of the similar or equivalent subject steadily comprises duplicating data. When a reader references one guide and it issues to every other guide, it’s uncommon that this particular person to take the time to reference the second one guide. That is only a reality of lifestyles, a incontrovertible fact that I’ve realized over 30 plus years of revel in within the box. Even if bodily manuals sit down aspect through aspect, I’ve discovered it uncommon for the reader to have a look at one for the coverage steering and one for the procedural steering.

Allow us to take a look at an actual instance: If I wish to learn a process about recruiting and it references a coverage observation in a separate coverage guide, it is extremely not going that I will be able to take the additional time to search out the coverage observation in the second one guide. I’m much more likely to click on on a link in a web based guide however even this tradition takes my center of attention clear of the present report. And the reader can be lucky if the reader had taken the time to position links throughout the coverage or process report that smartly allows the reader to change backward and forward between paperwork.

This downside of regarding insurance policies and procedures positioned in two manuals is exacerbated when the manuals bodily sit down with the exception of one every other. For instance, I labored in a single corporation the place the coverage guide resided at the bookshelf of my supervisor and the process guide resided on a bookshelf nearer to the customers. Yikes. This custom simply exacerbates the readers revel in much more for the reason that referenced guide isn’t even within reach for them to get entry to the referenced paperwork in the event that they sought after to.

Bulky for Creator to Care for Insurance policies and Procedures at the similar or equivalent Subject

This 2d downside of take care of a separate coverage or process guide revolves across the strategy of maintaining insurance policies and procedures up to the moment. If I write a coverage on recruitment practices for an organization, there’s very prone to be duplication from coverage to process and from process to coverage. In my revel in, redundancies exist from insurance policies to procedures and it’s steadily tough to jot down distinct content material about insurance policies and procedures at the similar or equivalent subjects.

THERE IS ONE SITUATION The place it Makes Sense to have two Manuals

I simplest know of 1 state of affairs the place the life of 2 manuals is smart. When a corporate is striving to turn out to be qualified in ISO High quality Requirements, there’s steadily the requirement (of the factors) to stay insurance policies and procedures separated into two manuals. Due to this fact, if a company-endorsed program reminiscent of ISO High quality Requirements, Six Sigma, or Capacity Adulthood Style (CMM) is in drive, then the insurance policies and procedures creator will want to adhere to the necessities of this program even if the practices may no longer appear sensible as when it comes to separate coverage and process manuals.

Now Directly to What Makes the Maximum Sense: The Embedded Coverage Remark

Since 1984, I’ve been advocating using a writing layout that embeds the coverage observation with a process report. In my seven-section writing layout, the 3rd part is the Coverage Segment and that is the place the coverage statements are written, regardless of how lengthy. The insurance policies and procedures creator can produce one or two kind paperwork: First, a process report with embedded coverage statements. Within the case, the identify of the coverage and process on recruitment may learn: RECRUITMENT PROCEDURE.

The second one report kind is a identify that doesn’t use the phrase, Process. The identify of the report may well be RECRUITMENT GUIDELINES. This custom has been followed through hundreds of businesses international in additional than 90 nations as it gets rid of the desire for 2 separate manuals. In each instances, the 3rd part of the writing layout can be categorised, Coverage. An instance of this writing layout follows:

  1. Objective
  2. Scope
  3. Coverage
  4. Definitions
  5. Obligations
  6. Procedures
  7. Revision Historical past

BENEFITS of The usage of an Embedded Coverage Remark in a Process

  1. No want to produce a separate coverage guide and a separate process guide.
  2. Fast get entry to and connection with each the procedural statements and the coverage statements in a single report.
  3. No duplication of part content material throughout the writing layout from coverage to process or from process to coverage. For instance, if there’s a coverage on Recruitment and a process on Recruitment Processes, the aim, scope, definitions, and duties sections of the writing layout may well be duplicated.
  4. Extraordinarily simple to jot down insurance policies and procedures the use of a easy, seven-section writing layout.

DISADVANTAGES of The usage of an Embedded Coverage Remark in a Process

  1. When control calls for a separate coverage and process guide and isn’t satisfied of embedding coverage statements inside a common kind report.
  2. When control has followed a regular like ISO 9000 High quality Requirements, Six Sigma, or Capacity Adulthood Style and that normal calls for the advent of separate coverage and process manuals.


The writing catch 22 situation of writing two separate coverage and procedures manuals or the use of generic coverage and process titles and embedding the coverage statements inside part 3 of the seven-section writing layout isn’t any catch 22 situation in any respect as a result of when you’re taking a detailed take a look at this technique of the use of part 3 of the seven-section writing layout to depict the coverage statements, I believe you are going to consider my rationale and recommendation.

So do your self a choose, and discover ways to embed your coverage statements inside a process report, and higher, identify your paperwork in a common means whilst on the similar time, embedding the coverage statements early within the coverage or process paperwork.


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