Tips on how to Use SWOT in Social Care


A SWOT Research is most likely the most efficient identified and most generally used making plans device in social care products and services. It’s value revisiting the fundamental rules alternatively.

SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Alternatives and Threats, and is especially useful in producing concepts and problems with a gaggle of folks. A big sq. is drawn up and divided into 4 sections every with some of the SWOT headings.

The questions beneath are helpful activates for dialogue, and no judgements will have to be made concerning the problems recognized, alternatively unorthodox. As soon as concepts were exhausted and entries made underneath every phase, dialogue may also be inspired about which components are most important, what the priorities are, and the way demanding situations may also be conquer


  • What benefits does your organisation have?
  • What do you do higher than any individual else?
  • What sources do you’ve got get right of entry to to?
  • What do folks see as your strengths?
  • What components imply that you just ship products and services successfully?


  • What may you beef up?
  • What will have to you steer clear of?
  • What are folks more likely to see as weaknesses?
  • What components restrict your talent to ship products and services?


  • The place are the great alternatives dealing with you?
  • What are the fascinating tendencies you might be acutely aware of?
  • What advantages are there for carrier customers?


  • What stumbling blocks do you face?
  • What is going on in the community that you just will have to be apprehensive about?
  • Are the necessities to your task or products and services converting?
  • Is converting coverage threatening your place?
  • May just any of your weaknesses severely threaten your undertaking?

The purpose of a SWOT research is to carry out the entire problems, assumptions, hopes and fears that other folks have in a protected, non-judgmental approach.  

All of us paintings at the foundation of assumptions, with a bit of luck knowledgeable ones, however there is at all times the risk of complicated assumptions with info. If you’ll be able to be transparent about what are the info and what are your assumptions in the beginning of a undertaking, this will likely let you set up chance and alter extra constructively afterward.  Via bringing those out into the open via a SWOT research and achieving settlement on shared assumptions, you’ve got the root for a a success undertaking plan.


Supply through Carolyn Barber


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