Numbering Machine For Insurance policies and Procedures


Numbering coverage and process paperwork may also be simple or arduous relying on the way you in spite of everything come to a decision at the numbering structure. I exploit easy numbering as you’ll be able to see under however there are causes for having a extra difficult numbering device. I will be able to provide you with each choices and you’ll come to a decision.

Possibility 1: Easy device. Initially, I love to do a 4 or 5 digit numbering device for all insurance policies and procedures. In different phrases, I do not use a separate numbers for insurance policies after which any other for procedures. Additionally, I love to make use of a sequential numbering ranging from a big quantity like 1000 or 10000. As an example, if I’ve a Human Assets coverage on relocation, a 2d process on Acquire Requisitions, and a 3rd coverage on Bureaucracy Control, then the numbering device, in line with a four-digits, could be:

  1. 1000 – Relocation Coverage
  2. 1001 – Acquire Requisition Process
  3. 1002 – Bureaucracy Control

In some firms, I’ve given out levels like 1000 to 1200 for Company Insurance policies and Procedures and 1201 to 1500 for Human Assets and so forth. The issue with levels is that there’s a chance of a division operating of out numbers, which via the way in which, took place one time to me and it hasn’t ever took place once more. 

Possibility 2: Some insurance policies and procedures writers use a extra advanced device to take a look at and pinpoint explicit spaces inside departments. As an example, an organization would possibly use a structure equivalent to:

MF-RC-PE-1001 to face for the primary process within the Receiving Division inside the Production Division. A coverage would possibly have the quantity MF-RC-PL-1002 the place PL stands for coverage. You get the image.

I’ve to confess that I did use this numbering structure early in my occupation however it is so arduous to handle. And put out of your mind ever keeping up it when the departments alternate their identify. As an example, when Administrative center Products and services turns into Administrative Products and services or when Engineering turns into Analysis and Building or when Administrative center of the President turns into Company Places of work. When this occurs, your whole numbering device must alternate.

Abstract: I desire the 4 or 5 quantity numbering device because of its simplicity. I to find the second one possibility as bulky however but some firms would possibly to find just right reason why to make use of it. The device you choose is your selection however all I like to recommend is that you simply perform a little research as to how it’s going to grasp up through the years on your corporate setting.


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