Cyprus Probate Legislation: Resealing of Probates or Letters of Management


Property making plans denotes the method of arranging the disposal of any person's assets, together with immovable and movable assets after his / her demise. Clearly, property making plans might do away with stumbling blocks and doubts over the management of estates.

Within the Republic of Cyprus, all issues on the subject of property making plans are regulated by way of the next legislations:

· Wills and Succession Legislation (Cap. 195).

· Management of Property Legislation (Cap.189).

· Probates (Re-Sealing) Legislation (Cap. 192). The sealing by way of Cyprus courts of probates or letters of management granted by way of courts of alternative jurisdictions out of doors the Republic of Cyprus is regulated by way of Cap.192.

The need to reseal a grant of probate or letters of management emerges when the Deceased Individual used to be now not a resident of the Republic of Cyprus, however he / she has assets in his / her identify in Cyprus.


Segment four of Cap. 192 supplies that 'The Courtroom shall, prior to sealing a probate or letters of management below this Legislation, be glad' that:

a) the probate responsibility has been paid in recognize of such a lot, if any, of the property as is susceptible to property responsibility within the Republic;

b) with regards to letters of management, the safety quantity is enough to quilt the valuables, if any, within the Republic to which the letters of administrations discuss with;

Additionally, segment four supplies that the Courtroom might require such proof, if any, because it thinks have compatibility as to the home of the Deceased Individual.

In keeping with segment five, the Courtroom may additionally, if it judges essential, at the utility of any creditor, require, prior to sealing, that ok safety can be given for the fee of money owed due from the property to collectors who shall stay within the Republic.

Utility to seal a grant of probate or letters of management will also be made to the President or a District Pass judgement on of any District Courtroom inside the jurisprudence of which the Deceased Individual had assets on the time of his / her demise.

The appliance is also made by way of the executor or the administrator or their legal professional, duly approved to re-seal the grant below the provisions of Cap. 192.

Moreover, the appliance will have to be by way of summons and must be accompanied by way of:

· The probate or letters of management, sealed with the seal of the court docket granting the similar, or a duplicate there qualified as right kind by way of or below the authority of the court docket granting the similar;

· An oath of the executor, the administrator or the legal professional within the prescribed shape;

· The ability of legal professional, in case the appliance is made by way of an legal professional;

· A bond overlaying the valuables of the prohibited particular person inside the Republic, supplied by way of the administrator or his / her legal professional on utility to seal letters of management.

Take into accout the next:

Understand of the appliance enclosing a observe of an afternoon scheduled for the listening to will have to be revealed within the Legit Gazette and one day-to-day newspaper. A replica of the publications will have to be connected to the appliance.


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