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The Rx is UX: A prescription for EHRs and patient engagement

During National Health Week, Oct. 2-6, Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, economist and blogger, reviewed the research published earlier this year. link the points between the implementation of the EHR (good news: it is almost universal in doctors' offices and hospitals) and patients who adopt their health information (not so often). What's missing: …

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Understanding smart hospitals and why most aren't there yet

Hospitals around the world are under tremendous pressure and are facing factors such as reimbursement and costs, while serving a growing population of chronic diseases. Hospitals are looking for ways to improve their productivity and efficiency in order to reduce operational costs and thus improve margins. While hospitals are busy …

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A CIO's journey to EHR success and stability

The many years spent in planning, budgeting, organizing, advocacy, and the treatment of Daily unknowns life after the implementation of their electronic medical record (EMR). For many people who go beyond this stage, it's a relief to embark on the world of optimization and look for new ways to render …

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Is health IT really ready for a FHIR takeover?

Thirty years ago, interoperability was much simpler. If you could exchange data between two computer systems, you had interoperability. But over the next three decades, both the amount of data and the number of data sources for an individual or a population have increased exponentially. Interoperability now consists of accessing …

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Security & privacy in the era of digital health

En 2017, le monde de la cybersécurité a connu une multitude de violations de données. Et, malheureusement, l'industrie des soins de santé était une cible majeure. Selon le rapport de violation de données du Centre de ressources sur le vol d'identité 2017: La santé est la deuxième plus grande industrie …

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