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Stressed by Financial Crime? Here’s Some Advice

A new report by LexisNexis on Future Financial Crime Risks (September 2017) highlights the stress felt by UK banks with respect to compliance with the Financial Crime Act. According to the report, "the financial crime professionals surveyed mentioned such terms as" confused "," tense "," confused "and" complex "when asked for their opinion on the compliance landscape. of financial crime

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FICO Receives Analytics 50 Award for FICO Score XD

LeBow College of Business from Drexel University and named the FICO analysis software firm the winner of the Analytics 50 Awards for the second year in a row. The awards program honors organizations using analytics to solve business challenges. FICO received the award for FICO® Score XD which exploits groundbreaking analytical technologies and alternative data to help expand credit

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Does Your Omnichannel Strategy Match What Customers Want?

In a world of "digital enablers" – Web capabilities, mobile applications, VOIP telephony, payment tokenization, etc. – you would think that the omnichannel would be easy. You would think that joining a few customer contact channels, just the voice, the SMS, the email, the Web, the automated payments, the application and a few others, would be quite simple. The reality,

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Using AI and Machine Learning to Improve AML

When the computer power of artificial intelligence meets the transactional complexity of the AML, good things happen. I have recently had the opportunity to talk about it during the annual conference assessment and credit control of Edinburgh . This is a subject that absolutely fascinates me because I firmly believe that the elimination of the scourge of money laundering could

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