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Communities of expertise transformation

  The transition from “centers” to “communities” is a fundamental change in our last article on Expert Communities (CoE), we defined Deloitte’s concept of communities of expertise and provided insight into their difference from the centers. of traditional excellence. Redefining the CoE is an excellent start, but to maximize the impact, we need to determine how these CoEs should behave

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Is your job architecture holding you back?

Published by Ian Dawson and Jennifer Kwech on September 15, 2017. Structured job hierarchies with defined roles, responsibilities, reward systems and career paths may have supported business and HR needs in the past. But with a focus on "employee experience," the modern workforce requires more mobility and flexibility in its career, with more focus on the company. 39, team learning

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High-impact operating model design in action

Part 3: Putting Behaviors in the Foreground Published by Tiffany McDowell Uzair Qadeer and Julia Rudansky on October 18, 2017. By understanding how behaviors are both essential inputs and outputs of operational model design, organizations can effectively navigate the ever-changing market waters and create the customer-centric organization of tomorrow. In this series, we discussed how a behavioral exploitation model can

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Minds + Machines: Revolutionizing work, careers, and learning

Posted by Michael Griffiths Matt Stevens and Carly Ackerman October 27, 2017. We often hear the threats of the imminent disaster coming towards us in the form of artificially intelligent robots. Instead of considering robotics and cognitive technologies as a way of reducing human needs, organizations should consider how the future of work determines the complementary capacity created by automation.

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Organization of the future: Rewriting new rules for organization design

Posted by Don Miller on October 31, 2017. Don Miller, Managing Director of Deloitte Consulting LLP's Human Capital Practice, explains how organizations are redrawing themselves to be both effective and adaptable to disrupt and compete in the fourth industrial revolution – the digital era . It's not just about using technology – it's about a fundamental shift in the way

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