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More Q & A from Introduction to PCMH 2017

PCMH Redesign has changed a lot about how practices are recognized. Naturally, people have questions about the new process. Here are some questions from the audience of June 14, 2017 Introduction to the 2017 PCMH training in Washington, DC: ISS is out and Q-PASS is in! … But what happens …

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Spotlight on Fenway Health – Making Behavioral Health Part of Primary Care

<img class=" wp-image-4310" src="https://mdthinks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/spotlight-on-fenway-health-making-behavioral-health-part-of-primary-care.jpg" alt=" Fenway Health "width =" 497 "height =" 281 "/> Fenway Health Jane Powers, Director of the Department of Behavioral Health Alicia Anderson, Director of Quality Improvement The patients of Fenway Health could not be more diverse.This federally qualified community health center, with three locations in …

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What Can Medical Practices Learn from the Apple Store?

<img class="wp-image-4399 alignright" src="https://mdthinks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/what-can-medical-practices-learn-from-the-apple-store.jpg" alt=" WHAT TO PRACTICE THE MEDICAL PRACTICES OF THE APPLE SHOP? "Width =" 368 "height =" 204 "/> After two years of pressure on my spouse to let me buy a new computer, the old PC left it with no other choice – he decided not …

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Celebrating PCMH Certified Content Experts

The PCMH Congress of the NCQA is underway in Orlando. It is the perfect setting to recognize the people who make so many others through the transformation. Of course, I refer to Certified Content Experts (CCE). They are too familiar with the concepts of engagement, transformation and success. Recognizing the …

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Inside Health Care: Re-Energizing Your Practice-How the PCMH Model Impacts Physician Burnout

More on Dr. Greenawald Vice President, Academic Affairs and Professional Development, Carilion Clinic, Department of Family and Community Medicine, Professor and Vice President of Family and Community Medicine, Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine, Medical Director of Leadership and Career Development. physicians and chair, Professional Wellness Committee, Carilion Clinic. <img …

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Creating a Digital Community

<img class="wp-image-4664 " src="https://mdthinks.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/creating-a-digital-community.jpg" alt=" Digital Community "width =" 390 "height =" 261 "/> CCE Digital Community NCQA Certified Experts (CEC) are special people who are committed to providing Quality Health Care: Daily help practices go through their transformation to become NCQA recognized patient-centric medical centers (PCMH) .C is hard …

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