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Telehealth Services in Nebraska Get a Boost

Telehealth Services Must Now Be Covered by Health Plans in the State of Cornhusker. Nebraska's telemedicine providers, contractors, and patients can benefit from telehealth insurance coverage, joining the national majority. Promoted earlier this year by Senator Mark Kolterman (R) of Nebraska under the number 19459004 LB92 and signed by Governor …

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Will the Massachusetts Proposed Legislation on Hospital Outpatient Facility Fees Have a Nationwide Impact?

In Some States, Including the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, " Neutrality of the Site "For outpatient hospital reimbursement, one must consider the state's own health reform and cost control initiatives. This goes far beyond the limitation of reimbursement for Medicare in new out-of-campus ambulatory hospital services under section 603 of the …

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Massachusetts Proposed Legislation to Curb Health Care Costs by Regulating Hospital Reimbursement Rates

Health Care > Legislation to reduce health care costs by regulating hospital reimbursement rates In a previous article we began to dissect the new Massachusetts Senate Bill "Strengthening Health and Accessibility Act by Using Transformative Health Care", and focused on a provision prohibiting hospitals to bill payers for many routine …

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